Adult Band Camp – August 23 – 29, 2015

New Horizons at New England Music Camp

Adult musicians of all levels are welcomed from across the country for a week of fun music making on the shores of Lake Messalonskee in Sidney, Maine.  Special rates are offered to all NEMC alumni and members of New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA).

Two levels of bands provide the best opportunity for every level of player, from novice to more advanced, to learn and enjoy making music in a fun yet challenging atmosphere. Participants design their own schedules, choosing from a variety of music seminars and classes, and ensembles including jazz, strings, small wind or percussion groups, and a drum circle.

Music and Friendship in the Beauty of Central Maine

Evening meals are preceded by an adult Social/Happy Hour on The Lodge porch with beautiful views of Lake Messalonskee at sunset. In addition to rehearsals, ensembles, and other musical events, there are many opportunities for recreation and traditional camp activities for both our participants and those in the spouse/friend track.  The week culminates with a final concert on the stage of the historic Bowl in the Pines, the second largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States.


Three buffet style meals plus snacks will be served each day and are available a la carte or as part of participant meal plan options. A choice of three entrees (includes one vegetarian option) salad, and vegetables will be served at lunch and dinner. Nutritious and high quality meals are prepared in our kitchen by Sodexo, the same company that provides food service to our core camp program, and for Colby College and Thomas College.

On-Camp Lodging

We encourage you to stay on camp grounds and take advantage of the fantastic camp atmosphere. A variety of centrally located housing will be made available on a first come first serve basis. While NEMC public facilities are handicap accessible, housing in The Lodge and on the upper level of The Dorm is accessed via a flight of stairs. NEMC is non-smoking facility and rooms and cabins are not air-conditioned. Participants bring linens from home (sheets, blankets, towels, etc.).

The Dorm: Single or double occupancy dormitory-style rooms include single beds, dressers, and a closet. Newly renovated bathrooms with sinks, showers and toilets are located on each floor of the dorm.

The Lodge: Single or double occupancy rooms located on the second floor of the lodge. Include double or single beds, dressers, and a closet. Separate male and female bathrooms with sinks, showers and toilets are located at either end of the hall.

Cabins: A limited number of 1-2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabins are available with and without water views. These cabins house NEMC’s music faculty during the camp season. 1 bedroom cabins have double beds and sleep up to 2 people; 2 bedroom cabins include a combination of double and single bedding and sleep up to 4 people. All cabins are appointed with beds, dressers, closets, a refrigerator and a coffee maker.

*If you choose to stay off-camp we are pleased to recommend several quality lodging options here.

New England Music Camp

New England Music Camp is located in Sidney, Maine on the eastern shore of Messalonskee Lake. Most buildings are located within 100 to 200 yards from each other with the exception of the Bowl in the Pines, which is approximately a 400 yard walk from the center of the campus. While there are paved paths to most buildings and rehearsal facilities, automobiles are not permitted past the main parking lot once camp is in session.

 This program is sponsored by:

New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA)

New Horizons Music programs provide entry point to music making for adults, including those with no musical experience at all and those who were active in school music programs but have been inactive for a long time. Click here to learn more and to find New Horizons organizations near you!

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A Message From The Director

Dear Friends,

Pull out the memories of when you were a child at summer music camp (if you’ve never been to music camp, then pretend!).  Everywhere you walk, past the lodge, past the waterfront, past the rehearsal hall, you hear music floating on the breeze.  You think, “These kids love music as much as I do!”  Rehearsals are in progress, someone is playing scales in a practice cabin, there is a pickup soccer game, swimmers, sailboats and canoes are on the lake, and people are reading or chatting on the porch with that second cup of coffee. 

Whoops!  I switched to adult mode with that cup of coffee!  Let’s put those memories of teenage angst aside (we DON’T want to relive that!) and, instead, imagine propping your feet up on the railing, staring out at the lake and sipping your coffee.  Then you head off to rehearsal, then a seminar on Jazz History, followed by a bit of time in the practice cabin to work out that difficult lick before ensemble rehearsal, then before dinner you join your new friends for a happy hour on the porch over looking the lake!  If you love music and you love the idea of a camp on the lake, you’ll love New Horizons at New England Music Camp. 

I remember the first time I went to an adult camp; throughout the whole drive up there we kept saying, “If we don’t like it by Wednesday, we can always go back home.”  Well, not only did we NOT go home, we went back, year after year!  Camp is just as invigorating as an adult as it was as a child.  

So, take the plunge!  Come make music with new friends!  At the same time, enjoy some of the privileges of being an adult, like coming to happy hour or deciding you don’t want to go to that interesting seminar, you’d rather go paddling on the lake!  Or that you want to go to Waterville for dinner instead of eating at camp.  Go for it.  Schedule your week the way YOU want it.  Oh, and don’t worry about whether or not you are good enough; we have a space for everyone from novice (started playing your instrument about a year ago) to advanced players.  Your best is good enough! 

See you this summer, the campfire is waiting!
Diane Muffitt

PS – we are specifically looking for some drumset players who want to try some jazz?  Know anyone who would like to join us for the week?